Custom Made models | Founded in 1971 - Hupkens Industrial Models
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Having a model made

Having a model made

Would you like to have a model made of a house, office building or other objects? Hupkens Industrial Models is happy to help bring a design to life. With a tailor-made and three-dimensional model, designs become tangible and realistic. A perfect recipe for first impressions!


Model options

There are all kinds of options when it comes to having a model made. What size will the model be? Which materials will the model be made of? Wood, metal or plastic? And what about the use of colour: will it be a model without colour? Or rather with colour? A model can also be enhanced with accessories. Will it need extras, such as trees, cars or other accessories? The possibilities are endless.

Model price

Having a model made is not a mass production process. It is very labour-intensive, and the price is greatly dependent on certain wishes and requirements. What size will the model be? In which colour? Which material will be used? These are just a few examples of factors that have a bearing on the price. Do you have an idea in mind and would you like a quotation? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to explore all the possibilities with you.


Contact us

Our experts have a keen eye for perfection and knowledge of advanced technologies. A combination that always produces the perfect result and an excellent replica.
Hupkens Industrial Models takes care of the assembly, transport and disassembly of the models all across Europe. We process your request quickly and are open to all enquiries. Please feel free to contact us for more information!