Exhibition Models | Founded in 1971 - Hupkens Industrial Models
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Exhibition Models

Exhibition Models

Hupkens Industrial Models has been a leading company in the field of customised model construction for many years. Models can be used for various kinds of purposes. On the one hand, a beautifully crafted replica model helps to attract attention. Visitors will then be more likely to check out your exhibition stand. While on the other, a custom-made model serves as the perfect presentation material. Your narrative becomes more compelling thanks to this visual imagery. Whether it’s a small-scale model, a full-size model or even a model inside an aerospace or architectural model, a model always works more effectively.


As well as being an eye-catcher and a resource during a trade show, an exhibition model also offers scope for other marketing purposes.

industrial models
Custom industrial models

What does Hupkens Industrial Models have to offer?

In principle, Hupkens Industrial Models can make a replica of anything. For instance, think of a satellite in aerospace or a maquette in architecture. It does not matter what your industry is, or how you want to present it at a trade fair, we always deliver a superb finished product.

Due to our many years of experience, we know exactly which details are relevant and which are not. Which not only saves time, but also saves on costs. This enables us to deliver a finished product that matches the real thing in terms of format and details.


Contact us

Hupkens Industrial Models is able to handle the assembly, disassembly and transport of the models throughout Europe. We can process your inquiry promptly and are open to any requests. Please feel free to contact us for more information!