Custom Industrial Models | Founded in 1971 - Hupkens Industrial Models
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Custom Industrial Models

Custom Industrial Models

Founded in 1971, Hupkens Industrial Models has been the specialist in custom-made scale models for almost 50 years now. We produce industrial models, architectural models, blow-ups and eye-catchers for a wide variety of purposes: for museums, trade fairs, art exhibitions, congresses, etc. Our experts have an eye for perfection and a professional understanding of advanced technologies. As a result of this combination, we can always accomplish an excellent imitation and the perfect result.


Industrial models are built to reconstruct industrial exploration and to test realistic applications. These true-to-life models provide a unique opportunity to imitate the object very accurately and learn from it.

industrial models
Custom industrial models

What can Hupkens Industrial Models do for you?

The specialists at Hupkens Industrial Models know how to imitate the reality of industrial objects in their models perfectly, time after time. Essentially, each industrial scale model is a duplicate of an object, but miniaturised. The proportions remain exactly the same as in reality. The object doesn’t change, except for its size. This allows us to achieve true-to-life models – something which our clients have come to value and appreciate.


Contact us

Hupkens Industrial Models is able to handle the assembly, disassembly and transport of the models throughout Europe. We can process your inquiry promptly and are open to any requests. Please feel free to contact us for more information!