Scale Models - 45 years experience | Hupkens Industrial Models
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Scale models
Hupkens Industrial Models

More Than 50 Years experience

Hupkens Industrial Models has been a leading company in the field of customised model construction for many years. Models can be used for various kinds of purposes. On the one hand, a beautifully crafted replica model helps to attract attention. Visitors will then be more likely to check out your stand. While on the other, a custom-made model serves as the perfect presentation material. Your narrative becomes more compelling thanks to this visual imagery. Whether it’s a small-scale model, a full-size model or even a model inside an aerospace or architectural model, a model always works more effectively.

As well as being an eye-catcher and a resource during a trade show, a model also offers scope for other marketing purposes.

We know how to model reality

For more than 45 years already Hupkens Industrial Models has been producing scale models that are used for the most diverse purposes.

Aerospace experience

Hupkens is one of the major specialists when it comes to building both instructive and representative models of satellites and space objects.

We also build life size models

Life-size representations true to the minutest details, for museums, fairs, exhibitions etc.